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I'm getting tired of the macro giant/giantess shtick, and your sick microphilia fucks wont leave me alone! Stop following me and stop requesting sick giant porn!.
Stop following, stop commenting my art, STOP saying such idiotic things!

Fuck Retards..
Here's the link to my Patreon  Page! :D Picture profile by DiegoStars

Hello fellow watchers and newcomers!

This December, i will be changing some stuff on my profiles.

Heres a rundown to thins to come!

For my Patreon
I barely touched this since when i made it! I will be tweak some thing like the rewards so be sure to stick around! Heres the link to my Patreon page! >

Nerwcoming projects!
First, I will being making my very first fledged comic! U-No! #1
and second i nearly achieved Thanks to you guys and gals! For this each day of the month i will post a artwork relating my favorite artists, followers(watchers), and my best supporters! Stayed tuned and maybe see a surprise! :)

Social Media.
Yes, im breaching off to some new territory but dont worry. DA is always will be my main source! I will be on and Twitter and Tumblr. ...maybe facebook but ehh.. dont like it that much...

 there you have it!

Stay tuned for more, gotta keep moving! ;)

I hope this will be helpful to my benefits.
Feel generous drop by and support me there!I have a Patron now! by DiegoStars
Hello everyone that is watching me! This sounds a little outrages but i will not take request anymore from now on, i will take commissions!
i'm sorry if i disappointed you but we must move on with our lives you know!

                                                                                   Thank you if you respected my decisions!